AC Gas Charge

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What to Expect?

  • Primary Diagnoses
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • Blower Fan and evaporator coil Cleaning
  • Indoor & Outdoor (if reachable without rope hanging) dry-type cleaning

Price Includes:

  • Only Service Charge (1.0 Ton to 2.5 Ton)

Price Excludes:

  • Components/Materials or Parts (if used)
  • Transportation (if applicable)
  • Hanging Charge (if applicable)

Additional Works:

  • Nitrogen test needs to be done to identify the exact location of leakage (Charges for which will be extra)
  • Gas Refill (Charges for which will be extra)
  • For the AC outdoor unit, the variable hanging charge is applicable for height and difficulties.

Terms & Pricing

  • Diagnosis Charge: A diagnosis Charge of a maximum of BDT 300 is applicable if the customer decides not to take the service after the service provider has made a diagnosis of the problem.
    Service Charge: Upon inspection and may vary depending on the overall work scope.



  • Only Gas Charge 3 Month Warranty

Additional Information

Capacity : 1.0 – 2.5 ton
Refrigerant : R-22, R-410A

Necessary to Gas Charge

Warm Air Flow

The purpose of your AC system is to keep your home cool, so if it’s falling short of its main goal, something went wrong. It’s worth noting that various issues can cause warm air to flow out of the vents. For example, if your AC filter is clogged, it can restrict the amount of cool air the unit pumps into your home. If you’ve recently replaced your filter and still notice warm air blowing out, check your refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant prevents the unit from absorbing enough heat per cycle, which limits the amount of cool air it can produce.

Reduced Cooling Capacity

Just like low refrigerant can cause warm air to pump out of your air conditioner, it may also restrict the system’s cooling capacity. Take note of the strength of the air that blows out of your AC vents. If you notice weak or low airflow, this could likely mean you’re running low on refrigerant. Be sure to rule out any other potential causes before recharging your refrigerant. Otherwise, scheduling a refrigerant charge with a The Shotota Electronics expert as soon as possible is a good idea.

Ice Buildup on Evaporator Coil

Any ice or frost accumulated on your AC unit is typically a sign of low refrigerant. When this fluid reaches a level that is lower than normal, it can cause its temperature to drop to a dangerously low number. As a result, ice will begin to form on the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines. Because your air conditioner isn’t designed to withstand such low refrigerant temperatures, arranging for a Freon charge promptly is important to prevent your system from becoming severely damaged.

Hissing or Bubbling Sounds

There aren’t many possible causes of hissing or bubbling sounds from your AC unit. If you do come across these noises, low refrigerant is the most likely culprit. Hissing or bubbling usually indicates that refrigerant has begun to escape the air conditioner through a leak. If you hear bubbling, the fluid is leaking out as a liquid. If you hear hissing, the refrigerant is leaking out as a gas. It’s essential to take note of which sound you hear so that you’re prepared to explain it to a The Shotota Electronics technician. This will help ensure they provide the optimal solution for your needs.

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